Corinna Engel - Harmonization of European Contract Law Through Directives and an Optional Instrument !

  Contract Law   My presentation at the University from 8th October 2018 about Harmonization of European Contract Law through an Optional Instrument My presentation today is about ‘H armonization of European Contract Law ’ through an ‘ Optional Instrument ’. In this presentation, I will mainly look at how scholars have interpreted some topical pieces of legislation or proposal legislation in the recent years. First, I would like to make a summary of the history of European contract law: As the main objectives of the EU is to ensure effective functioning of the internal market, it ’ s important for the EU to be successful in harmonizing Member States law. In the area of equality law and the implementation of the four principles, namely the free movement of goods, workers, persons and provision of services, the Union has enjoyed some of success in the harmonization of Member States law, whereas in the field of contract law attempts to harmonize Member States private laws have been fa

Corinna Engel - Tax Policies in the European Union - If you start a business in the EU.

      Regulation on Public Documents - Translation no longer required in other EU countries If you are outside the EU, you need help with certified translations. For help, contact us here   If You Start Up a Business in the EU, and you are outside the EU, for example South America or the USA, you need help with certified translations for local service providers, such as lawyers and accountants, or with authorities, courts, and more and with taxation. Legal paperwork needs to be translated and you need to apply for EU VAT if yo sell digital for example digital services to end customers. Tax policy in the European Union (EU) has two components: direct taxation, which remains the sole responsibility of Member States, and indirect taxation, which affects free movement of goods and the freedom to p